NBS Convention Picture Gallery

Pictures from the 2017 NBS Convention.

NBS was very lucky to have a freelance photographer offer to shoot pictures at NBS this year in Appleton.

Over the 2 1/2 days (Thurs AM to Saturday AM) Kent Sweitzer shot around 1,500 images.  From those, via elimination and to add variety he created some collages and added a few special effects with the total count reduced to under 400.  The basic time markers (dates, presentations, etc) are marked with a collage or introduction image - otherwise most views appear in the order in which they were taken with some exceptions. 

All of the images are original sized, full resolution jpegs - they can be downloaded directly (right downward arrow in the lower right hand size of every image)  A full range of Print sizes can be ordered directly from the website (BayPhoto) - Kent has not marked up the price.  Also, images can be downloaded and copied for prints (e.g. Walgreens)...or members can use another on line service.  If possible, when photos are used in publications, on line services, members websites etc He does appreciate photo credits to Kent Sweitzer Photography with a link to his website  www.kentsweitzerphotography.com.  If an image(s) should be removed - let Kent know and he will do that.   

For those of you who missed the festivities, enjoy! 

Here's the link to the photographs.

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